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Computer Hardware MCQ Questions and Answers : Here learn computer hardware objective questions and answers and you can also download computer hardware objective questions and answers pdf

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31) After you service a laser printer, you notice dirty print. Which of the following would correct the problem?

32) During the boot process, a system first counts memory from where?

33) Modems use _____ transmission.

34) What should he used to extinguish a computer fire?

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35) In ROM BIOS, the acronym BIOS stands for:

36) What command is used to hand up a MODEM when using the "AT Answer Command set"?

37) Which hardware component controls serial port communications?

38) You have a 15 pin female connector with the pins in two rows. What could you connect with this?

39) When you boot a PC and don't hear any beep, this could suggest which of the following?

40) What is the file extension used by WIN95 to back up registry file when windows starts?

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