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41) THe algorithm which replaces the block which has not been referenced for awhile is called _____

42) In associative mapping during LRU, the counter of the new block is set to β€˜0’ and all the others are incremented by one, when _____ occurs.

43) The LRU provides very bad performance when it comes to _____

44) The algorithm which removes the recently used page first is __

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45) In LRU, the referenced blocks counter is set to’0β€² and that of the previous blocks are incremented by one and others remain same, in case of ___

46) The counter that keeps track of how many times a block is most likely used is __

47) The key factor/s in commercial success of a computer is/are ___

48) The main objective of the computer system is

49) A common measure of performance is

50) The performance depends on

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