CCC Online Test 50 Questions/Answer

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CCC Online Test 50 Questions/Answer

Dear friends today we are sharing CCC Online Test 50 Questions for Practice.Hear you can practice online test for CCC exams. in this important session our team taking online test and providing questions with answer for your practice

Online Test 50 Questions/Answer for ccc

CCC Online Test 50 Questions/Answer

CCC Online Test 50 Questions for Practice

MCQ Online Test 50 Questions for Practice

1. The brain of any computer system is
a. ALU
b. Memory
c. CPU
d. Control unit
Answer: C
2. Which unit is responsible for converting the data received from the user into computer understandable format?
a. Memory Unit
b. Input Unit
c. Output Unit
d. Arithmetic & Logic Unit
Answer: C
3. The only language which the computer understands is ______________
a. Assembly Language
b. Binary Language
d. C Language
Answer: B
4. The smallest unit of data in computer is ________________
a. Byte
b. Nibble
c. Bit
d. KB
Answer: C
5. The input machine which originated in the United States around 1880s is a ___________
a. Mouse
b. Joystick
c. Keyboard
d. Bar Code Reader
Answer: C
6. One nibble is equivalent to how many bits?
a. 4
b. 8
c. 1
Answer: B
7. Which of the following describes the correct format of an input instruction?
a. IN 82
b. INPUT 82
c. INP 82
d. 82 INP
Answer: A
8. What does the COMPUTER stands for?
a. Commonly Operated Machines Used in Technical and Educational Research
b. Commonly Occupied Machines Used in Technical and Educational Research
c. Commonly Operated Machines Used in Technical and Environmental Research
d. Commonly Oriented Machines Used in Technical and Educational Research
Answer: A

9. VDU stands for __________
a. Virtual Display Unit
b. Visual Display Unit
c. Virtual Detection Unit
d. Visual Detection Unit
Answer: B

10. 1 yottabyte = ______________
a. TB
b. 1024 EB
c. 1024 ZB
d. 1024 PB
Answer: C

11. The process of producing useful information for the user is called ___________
a. Controlling
b. Outputting
c. Inputting
d. Processing
Answer: B

12. Which of the following is not a function of the Input Unit?
a. It reads instructions and data from the outside world.
b. It converts the data into computer acceptable format.
c. It makes the data into user understandable format.
d. It supplies the data and instructions to the computer for further processing.
Answer: C

13. What does SVGA stands for?
a. Standard Visual Graphics Array
b. Super Visual Graphics Array
c. Standard Video Graphics Array
d. Super Video Graphics Array
Answer: D

14. The devices that used to give single or multiple colored images and drawings are ____________
a. Monitors
b. Printers
c. Plotters
d. VDUs
Answer: C

15. A special request originated from some device to the CPU to acquire some of its time is called ___________
a. Disturbance
b. Attenuation
c. Interrupt
d. Noise
Answer: C

16. Line Printers that print one line at a time are _________
a. Laser Printers
b. Inkjet Printers
c. Drum Printers
d. Chain Printers
Answer: C

17. A ___________________ monitor looks like a television and are normally used with non-portable computer systems.
a. CRT
b. LCD
c. Flat Panel Monitors
d. LED
Answer: A

18. Which of the following is not a function of the Output Unit?
a. It produces results that can be easily understood by the user
b. It supplies the data and instructions to the outside world
c. It accepts the results produced by the computer
d. It supplies the data and instructions to the computer for further processing
Answer: D

19. PCI stands for _________
a. Peripheral Component Interconnect
b. Partial Component Interconnect
c. Peripheral Component Interaction
d. Partial Component Interaction
Answer: A

20. Components that provide internal storage to the CPU are ______
a. Registers
b. Program Counters
c. Controllers
d. Internal chips
Answer: A

CCC Online Test 50 Questions for Practice

21. Saving data and instructions to make them readily available is the job of __________
a. Storage Unit
b. Cache Unit
c. Input Unit
d. Output Unit
Answer: A

22. Which of the following is used to hold running program instructions?
a. Primary Storage
b. Virtual Storage
c. Internal Storage
d. Minor Devices
Answer: A

23. Which of the following is non-volatile storage?
a. Backup
b. Secondary
c. Primary
d. Cache
Answer: B

24. Which of the following is used in main memory?
d. DDR
Answer: B

25. RAID stands for __________
a. Redundant array of independent disks
b. Redundant array of individual disks
c. Reusable Array of independent disks
d. Reusable array of individual disks
Answer: A

26. A non-erasable disk that stores digitized audio information is _____
a. CD
c. DVD-R
Answer: A

27. The ‘heart’ of the processor which performs many different operations _____________
a. Arithmetic and logic unit
b. Motherboard
c. Control Unit
d. Memory
Answer: A

28. The sign magnitude representation of -1 is __________
a. 0001
b. 1110
c. 1000
d. 1001
Answer: D

29. IEEE stands for ___________
a. Institute of Emerging Electrical Engineers
b. Institute of Emerging Electronic Engineers
c. Institute of Electrical and electronics engineers
Answer: D

30. The ALU gives the output of the operations and the output is stored in the ________
a. Memory Devices
b. Registers
c. Flags
d. Output Unit
Answer: B

31. Learn CCC MCQ Questions and Answers for CCC Online Exam
The process of division on memory spaces is called ______________
a. Paging
b. Segmentation
c. Bifurcation
d. Dynamic Division
Answer: B

32. Number of bits in ALU is _________
a. 4
b. 8
c. 16
d. 2
Answer: C

33. Which flag indicates the number of 1 bit that results from an operation?
a. Zero
b. Parity
c. Auxiliary
d. Carry
Answer: B

34. The bitwise complement of 0 is ___________
a. 00000001
b. 10000000
c. 11111111
d. 11111110
Answer: C

35. What does MAR stand for?
a. Main Address Register
b. Memory Access Register
c. Main Accessible Register
d. Memory Address Register
Answer: D

36. Which is the simplest method of implementing hardwired control unit?
a. State Table Method
b. Delay Element Method
c. Sequence Counter Method
d. Using Circuits
Answer: A

37. A set of microinstructions for a single machine instruction is called ___________
a. Program
b. Command
c. Micro program
d. Micro command
Answer: C

38. A decoder is required in case of a ______________
a. Vertical Microinstruction
b. Horizontal Microinstruction
c. Multilevel Microinstruction
d. All types of microinstructions
Answer: A

39. Which of the following is not a type of computer on the basis of operation?
a. Remote
b. Hybrid
c. Analog
d. Digital
Answer: A

40. A computer that operates on digital data.
a. remote
b. hybrid
c. analog
d. digital
Answer: D

Online Test 50 Questions and Answer for Practice

41. Learn CCC MCQ Questions and Answers for CCC Online Exam
This type of computer is mostly used for automatic operations.
a. remote
b. hybrid
c. analog
d. digital
Answer: B

42. ______________ are used for solving complex application such as Global Weather Forecasting.
a. Super Computers
b. Public computers
c. Mobile computers
d. Hybrid computers
Answer: A

43. The invention of _______________ gave birth to the much cheaper micro computers.
a. Mainframes
b. Microcomputers
c. Microprocessors
d. PDAs
Answer: C

44. They can operate on batteries and hence are very popular with travelers.
a. Mainframes
b. Laptops
c. Microprocessors
d. Hybrid
Answer: B

45. PDA stands for?
a. personal digital applications
b. private digital applications
c. personal digital assistants
d. private digital assistants
Answer: B

46. PDAs are also called?
a. Laptops
b. Tablets
c. Handheld
Answer: D

47. ______computers are lower to mainframe computers in terms of speed and storage capacity.
a. Super
b. Mainframes
c. Hybrid
Answer: A

48. The web works on this model.
a. Intranet
b. Internet
c. Client-Server
d. Server
Answer: C

49. Which of the following is not a type of server?
a. File
b. Web
c. Name
d. Browsers
Answer: D

50. A small data file in the browser.
a. Cookie
b. Web Server
c. FTP
d. Database
Answer: A


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