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Analog Electronics MCQ Questions and Answers: here learn anolog electronics multiple choice questions and answers related to electrical engineering. here you can learn mcqs questions for electrical engineering.

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11) An amplifier without feedback has a voltage gain of 50,input resistance os 1 KΩ & Output resistance of 2.5KΩ.The input resistance of the current shunt negative feedback amplifier using the above amplifier with a feedbacik factor of 0.2 is

12) The most commonly used amplifier in sample & hold circuits is

13) An n- channel JFET has IDSS=2mA,and Vp=-4v.Its transconductance gm=in mA/V)for an applied gate to source voltage VGS=-2v is

14) In a common emitter, unbypassed resister provides

15) The current gain of a BJT is

16) The current gain of a bipolar transistor drops at high frequencies because of

17) Generally, the gain of a transistor amplifier falls at high frequencies due to the

18) An amplifier using an opamp with slew rate SR=1v/µsec has a gain of 40db.if this amplifier has to faithfully amplify sinusoidal signals from dc to 20 KHz without introducing any slew-rate induced distortion, then the input signal level must not exceed

19) Voltage Series (feedback also called series-shunt feedback) results in

20) MOSFET can be used as a