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Analog Electronics MCQ Questions and Answers: here learn anolog electronics multiple choice questions and answers related to electrical engineering. here you can learn mcqs questions for electrical engineering.

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31) Asource follower using an FET usually has a voltage gain which is

32) Three identical amplifiers with each one having a voltage gain of 50,input resistance of 1KΩ & output resistance of 250, are cascaded. The open circuit voltage gain of combined amplifier is

33) A dc power supply has no-load voltage of 30v,and a full-load voltage of 25v at full-load current of 1A.Its output resistance & load regulation ,respectively are

34) In an OP-amp differentiator

35) Class AB operation is often used in power large signal) amplifiers in order to

36) Which of the following amplifier circuit using junction transistor has the best gain?

37) When a transistor is connected in common emitter mode, it with have

38) In all base driver amplifiers

39) The effective channel length of a MOSFET in a saturation decreases with increase in

40) Which of the following statements is false?