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Electronic Devices and Circuits MCQ Questions and Answers: We provide lots of multiple choice questions and answers related to Electronic Devices and Circuits. here you can learn mcqs  questions for electrical engineering.

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1) The forbidden energy gap between the valence band and conduction band will be least in case of

2) For a NPN bipolar transistor, what is the main stream of current in the base region?

3) Assertion (A): A JFET can be used as a current source.
Reason (R): In beyond pinch off region the current in JFET is nearly constant.

4) For a P-N diode, the number of minority carriers crossing the junction depends on

5) An electron in the conduction band

6) What is the necessary a.c. input power from the transformer secondary used in a half wave rectifier to deliver 500 W of d.c. power to the load?

7) A thermistor is a

8) In an ideal diode there is no breakdown, no __________ current, and no forward __________ drop.

9) The dynamic resistance of a forward biased p-n diode

10) Each cell of a static Random Access memory contains