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Indian Politics (constitutions) MCQ Questions and Answers : Here learn and test online indian politics multiple choice questions and answers where provide lots of objective questions.

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91) The states of Manipur, Tripura and Meghalaya were formed in :

92) When was the second Backward Class Commission under the Chairmanship of B.P. Mandal appointed ?

93) When was reservation of 27% government jobs for other Backward Classes declared for the first time in Independent India?

94) When any House of Parliament (Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha ) is adjourned without naming a day for reassembly it is known as :

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95) A governor, though he remains in office at the pleasure of the President is an integral part of :

96) Which articles of the Constitution of India explicitly confer the power of judicial review on a High Court ?

97) The highest law officer in the state is :

98) Which article of Constitution declares that the council of ministers is collectively responsible to state legislative assembly?

99) The Chairman of Rajya sabha can be removed from his office only if he is removed from :

100) The parliamentary form of government as prevalent in India emphasizes the interdependence between :

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