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Indian Politics (constitutions) MCQ Questions and Answers : Here learn and test online indian politics multiple choice questions and answers where provide lots of objective questions.

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131) The idea of Directive Principles of state policy in the constitution of India has been borrowed from

132) Which act provides for the disqualification of members of the Parliament or State Legislature for indulging in corrupt practices?

133) The procedure for the amendment of the Constitution is laid down in:

134) The Union Executive consists of

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135) The provisions of financial emergency have been laid down in:

136) The Administrative Head of the Cabinet Secretariat is

137) Which Article of the Constitution of India lays down that any section of the citizens shall have the right to conserve its distinct language, script or culture?

138) The citizenship Act 1955 prescribes way of losing citizenship whether acquired under the Act or prior to it under the Constitution, viz :

139) The write which literally means ‘by what authority or warrant’ and is issued by the court to enquire the legality of a claim of a person to public office is called

140) The concept of martial law has been borrowed in India from

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