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World Geography MCQ Questions and Answers : We provide Gk World Geography mcq questions and answers, here learn quiz questions related to General Knowledge and download pdf of objective questions with answers.

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101) Greenland is under the rule of:

102) The highest point of Australia is:

103) Who constructed Suez Canal?

104) Cincinnati (U .S .A.) is famous in the making of:

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105) Intensity of production declines with distance from the market and the type of land use varies with distance from the market are the two basic tenets of:

106) The grasslands in Canada are known as:

107) India's major contacts with out-side world for the last two millennia have been by sea there-by earning the title for India:

108) The oldest rock system of the world is:

109) The names of Harry Hess, R . S . Dietz, W . J . Morgan and Le Pichon are associated with:

110) The concept of sustainable development relates to:

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