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World Geography MCQ Questions and Answers : We provide Gk World Geography mcq questions and answers, here learn quiz questions related to General Knowledge and download pdf of objective questions with answers.

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231) The process of soil development is called

232) The phosphate are a group of minerals of one or more metallic elements chemically associated with the phosphate compound ____

233) The panama canal links

234) The Rhine river of northern Europe empties into

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235) The place where material is excavated when the zone of maximum stream velocity approaches the stream's bed is called

236) The planets called the inner planets, are

237) The periodic rise and fall of the sea level on the earth, gives rise to tides. This is related to

238) The planets that are called superior planets are

239) The phenomenon associated with collision and subduction of the planet is

240) The products of ____ are a major source of sediments for erosion and ____

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