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World Geography MCQ Questions and Answers : We provide Gk World Geography mcq questions and answers, here learn quiz questions related to General Knowledge and download pdf of objective questions with answers.

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51) The heavier silicates named as 'Sima' or silica + magnesium are most abundant in the

52) The imaginary line on the earth's surface, which closely follows the 180 º meridian, is called the

53) The largest part of our hydrosphere is

54) The limit beyond which the stars suffer internal collapse is called the

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55) The ground water that occurs when flow of the subterranean water is not confined by the presence of impermeable layers is called

56) The gulf that separates Finland and Sweden in Europe is

57) The largest continent in the world is

58) The landforms that are created by massive earth movements due to place tectonics are called

59) The largest production of mica in Asia is from

60) The latitude 'AA' on the map represents the

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