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GST Multiple Choice Questions and Answers [with Pdf]: Here learn GST Questions and Answers and you can also download pdf of 50 questions and test online gst.

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51) Suppose, One Business Group has 35 Business Verticals within a state and has to take separate GST Registration under the same PAN. How many Online Registration applications with scanned documents have to be filed by that Business Group?

52) If the proper officer needs any clarification in the REG-01 filed by a dealer, what will be the option available to him?

53) What is the time period to give clarification in respect of the GST REG-03 from the part of the applicant of the registration?

54) If any objection from either of the Registering Authority, the objection curing by the applicant in GST REG-04 and its subsequent Approval/Disapproval by GST Officials should be within:

55) Suppose the proper officer is not satisfied with the clarification given by the appellant. What will be the fate of such registration application?

56) Shop Inspection as part of a Registration in GST will be :

57) The Number of Digits in the PAN based GSTIN registration Number will be:

58) A registered taxable person is liable to show his GSTN number :

59) What is the prescribed time period to apply for GSTN by a non-resident taxable person?

60) GST IPT will be allowed only on the basis of Matching Principles. It allows IPT on Manual Basis only in the case of :