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GST Multiple Choice Questions and Answers [with Pdf]: Here learn GST Questions and Answers and you can also download pdf of 50 questions and test online gst.

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61) The dealers liable to make estimated Advance Tax Remittance to obtain GST Registration are:

62) If a Registration is cancelled, the Electronic Credit Ledger or Electronic Cash Ledger are debited by :

63) In GST, a Dealer can apply for the Revocation of the Cancellation of Registration within:

64) Every Registered Dealers under the earlier laws will be automatically migrated to GST allowing a Provisional Registration Number and the same will be valid for a period of:

65) The source Data for migration in to GSTIN in the case of the existing tax payers under VAT and Central Excise will be:

66) In GST, both Central and State Governments should have simultaneous power to levy GST on:

67) Example for a Supply of Goods in which possession of the goods are transferred. But, the title on the same will be transferred at a future date

68) Example for a Supply of Goods in which possession of the goods is transferred. But, the Title of the Goods is not transferred at all and thereby attains the character of a supply of Service

69) Suppose, a Person has a Permit to operate a business venture. But, he refrain from operating such a business venture as per a contract between the other business man in the same line of business for a consideration. Whether it is a Taxable Supply of Service in GST?

70) Whether Ola, Uber, etc. are Liable to Pay Tax In GST