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GST MCQ Questions and Answers [with Pdf]: We provide lots of multiple choice question for Goods and Service Tax (GST). We provided many sets and each set contain 70 question.

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11) When can the Authority declare the advance ruling pronounced as void?

12) After how many days, the proper officer may cause the sale of distressed property?

13) The following amounts due cannot be paid through installments,

14) Maximum number of monthly installments permissible under section 80 is:

15) Who is liable to pay tax if the business of an individual is discontinued before his death

16) Who shall make an application for advance ruling?

17) What procedure should follow if the members of the Authority differ on any question on which the advance ruling is sought?

18) Within how many days the Authority shall pronounce its decision on advance ruling from the date of receipt of application

19) Whether the ruling pronounced under Section 98 of CGST Act, 2017 have prospective or retrospective effect?

20) Who can appeal to the Appellate Authority?