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GST MCQ Questions and Answers [with Pdf]: We provide lots of multiple choice question for Goods and Service Tax (GST). We provided many sets and each set contain 70 question.

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21) Appeal before the appellate authority can be filed within how many days?

22) The legal representative or any other person of an individual who is dead is liable to pay tax, only if -

23) The dues recoverable under this section includes

24) As per this section, the member or group of members of HUF or AOP is/are liable to pay tax on taxable supplies -

25) In case of discontinuance of HUF business, the liability would arise till the date of

26) The expression ‘firm’ would include a ____

27) In case of discontinuance of the AOP, the liability of the member exists in respect of the tax dues imposed ________

28) What is the meaning of applicant?

29) Where shall the Advance Ruling Authority be located?

30) The Advance Ruling Authority shall comprise of