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GST MCQ Questions and Answers [with Pdf]: We provide lots of multiple choice question for Goods and Service Tax (GST). We provided many sets and each set contain 70 question.

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51) When Commissioner is not required to serve fresh notice to recover the Government dues?

52) Who can issue fresh notice for enhanced demand by appeal, revision of application or other proceedings:

53) Who is liable to pay the tax in case of Principal and Agent?

54) When two or more companies are amalgamated, the liability to pay tax on supplies between the effective date of amalgamation order and date of amalgamation order would be on -

55) In case a particular word is not defined in the CGST Act, then it is possible to refer to:

56) In case of amalgamation between two companies, such companies shall be treated as two distinct companies till –

57) Intimation regarding appointment of liquidator should be given to the Commissioner within 30 days of

58) Commissioner will notify the amount of liability within how many days of intimation

59) The details of every credit note relating to outward supplies furnished by the registered taxable person shall be matched

60) If the reduction in output tax liability claimed by the supplier is more than the corresponding reduction in input tax credit declared by the recipient or if the recipient has not reduced the input tax liability, then