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Linux Objective Questions and Answers: We provide Linux MCQ Questions and Answers, here most important quiz questions related to Linux and you can download pdf of objective questions with answers. 

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51) pwd command displays

52) Which of the following commands can be used to change default permissions for files and directories at the time of creation

53) Which tar command option is used to list the files in a tape archive format?

54) Which of the following commands will allow the user to search contents of a file for a particular pattern

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55) Write the command to display the current date in the form dd/mm/yyyy.

56) The command syntax to display the file ‘sample.txt’ one page at a time is

57) Which one shows the name of the operating system?

58) How do you add (append) a file “file1” to the example.tar file

59) How to execute ls command inside a vi editor?

60) Which command gives the first byte where the difference is in the file1 & file2?

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