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Common difference of sequence 5,8,11,14,… is

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Common difference of sequence 5,8,11,14,… is

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2) If the third term of an AP is 12 and the seventh term is 24, then the 10th term is

3) The sum of 5 numbers in AP is 30 and sum of their squares is 220. Which of the following is the third term ?

4) If the roots of the equation (b - c)x2 + (c - a)x + (a-b) = 0 are equal, then

5) 25 trees are planted in a straight line 5 metres apart from each other. To water them the gardener must bring water for each tree separately from a well 10 metres from the first tree in line with the trees. How far will he move in order to water all the trees beginning with the first if he starts from the well ?

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