Sports and Games Details with Picture Download pdf file

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Sports and Games Details with Picture Download pdf file

Dear user we provide the Sports and Games Details with Picture Download pdf file. It is very helpful in different competitive Exams therefore you can download the pdf file from our website.

Sports and Games Details with Picture Download pdf file



Sport is a very important part of our life and it is becoming more and more popular. Doing sports keeps us healthy, relaxed, as well as maintains our figure and strengthens our patience and endurance. All doctors recommend exercising, as prevention and convalescence of various ailments. One of the best workouts for your body is swimming, as all your muscles are exercised. There are two kinds of athletes – amateurs and professionals. The amateur approach to sport is when you exercise, jog, swim or go to the gym once in a while. Often sports are performed together as a team, instead of just as individuals. The new fitness centers with their bodybuilding programmes and tanning booths are becoming very trendy. Some people’s ambition is to look like a model, and they often go to the fitness center.

Professional sports

Some people are so interested in sports that they want to make it their main livelihood. Sometimes they only get paid for their travels and equipment, but if they keep improving their results, there is a fair chance they could go to the world competitions, which improves their chances of earning more money. The highest achievement for sportsmen is usually to participate in the Olympic Games and win a gold medal. The Olympic Games are performed every four years, but not all the different kinds of sports which exist are represented there; however new disciplines are added every time the games are held. The Olympic Games are named after the city in Greece where it took place for the first time in the year 776 B.C. and it was held there every four years for a long period of time. The intentions of the games were to allow the best sportsmen in the country to compete, and their ideal was to promote perfect men both in body and soul (as the games at that time were only for men). Another idea of the games was to keep peace during the competitions, as there were often minor wars going on at the time. The contemporary tradition of the games started in 1896, in Athens. The initiator was Pierre de Coubertin. Since then, the event has taken place every four years, excepting during the world wars. Since 1924, a special winter Olympics has been held. The International Olympic Committee is now managing the games from its seat in Lausanne, Switzerland. The well-known symbol of the games is the five intertwined different coloured circles on a white background. They symbolise the five continents. Here is a list of some of the different categories of sports:

Winter sports:

cross country skiing, downhill skiing, ski jump, snowboarding, ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, and sledging.

Water sports:

swimming (free style, backstroke, crawl), windsurfing, surfing, diving, deep-sea diving, water-skiing, rowing, canoeing, water polo, sailing, yachting.

Martial sports:

boxing, fencing, judo, karate, wrestling, Aikido, jiu-jitsu.

Nature sports:

fishing, rock climbing, hiking, cycling, horse riding, roller blading, crosscountry running.

Light Athletics:

sprinting events, long-distance running, hurdle racing, relay racing, speed walking, jumping (high jump, long jump, triple jump and pole vault), throwing the discus, the hammer, the javelin, putting the shot.

Team sports:

football, volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis, rugby, baseball, cricket. Most sports are performed at specialised facilities, such as: sports halls, tennis and golf courts, an open air stadium, a winter stadium, an open air pool, a swimming pool, a gym, a bowling alley, ski slopes, trails and playgrounds. Various equipments are used in each of the disciplines. It could be a tennis racket, a ball, a net, a goal, a golf ball, a baseball, a hockey stick, skates, protective clothing, basketball, volleyball, skis and the various gymnastic ‘obstacles’.

Physical Education (PE)

At the secondary school that I attend, we have PE three times a week. This is how it goes: We put on our sport suits – a T shirt, shorts and running shoes, and line up for the start of the lesson. When this is done, one of us reports to the teacher that we are ready. We start by stretching and warming up, to get our bodies flexible and ready. It varies what kind of sport we do, sometimes it is athletics: sprint or long distance running, jumping or maybe we do team sports such as volleyball, football or basketball. We also have a weight training room or the possibility to do aerobics. I personally prefer to do gymnastics, such as forward and backward somersaults and I really don’t like the rope or pole climbing. We don’t have a swimming pool in our town; instead we take a week-long swimming course in the summer and a skiing course during the winter.

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