RTO Exam Paper Practice in English

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RTO Exam Paper Practice in English

Qualify the RTO exam for driving licence you can RTO Exam Paper Practice in English the question from given paper from our website.

RTO Exam Paper Practice in English

Exam Paper for Driving Licence Practice in English

1 – What should you do while you are driving near a school?

  1. Press horn continuously
  2. Speed up and leave quickly
  3. Reduce your speed and be alert

2 – What should you do if you spot a blind person who is about to cross the road?

  1. Call out to the person
  2. Shift your lane
  3. Stop your vehicle and let the person cross

3 – In case of an expired car insurance policy, for how many days can you drive your vehicle legally without renewing it?

  1. 0 Days
  2. 15 Days
  3. 30 Days

4 – In what format should the numbers on your vehicle’s number plate be written?

  1. Regional language
  2. In English with Arabic numerals
  3. In any readable format

5 – Traffic sign signaling ‘caution’ is in which shape?

  1. Square
  2. Rectangle
  3. Triangle

6 – What is the validity of a learner’s license?

  1. Learner’s license is valid for 6 months
  2. Learner’s license is valid for a year
  3. Learner’s license is valid for a month

7 – When is it acceptable to Drink and Drive?

  1. In an emergency
  2. Never
  3. If you are driving for a short distance

8 – A driver with a learner’s license must be accompanied by

  1. Someone elder
  2. Someone with a permanent driving license
  3. Someone with learning license

9 – What should you do if you accidentally hit a pedestrian with your vehicle?

  1. Check if the pedestrian is all right and help
  2. Inform the police
  3. Drive away from the location

10 – Can you overtake a vehicle in front of you on a bend?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes, only in daylight
  3. No

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11 – What does a yellow traffic light denote?

  1. Stop
  2. Go
  3. Slow down

12 – Which type of vehicle insurance is mandatory?

  1. Life insurance
  2. Third-party Liability Insurance
  3. Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

13 – You shouldn’t do the following on a one-way road

  1. Overtake
  2. Reverse
  3. Park

14 – From which side can you overtake the vehicle in front of you?

  1. From the right side of the vehicle
  2. From the left side of the vehicle
  3. By continuous honking

15 – How can one distinguish between a private vehicle and a transport vehicle?

  1. Transport vehicles have a yellow-colored number plate
  2. Transport vehicles are white in color
  3. Transport vehicles have tinted glass

16 – Which type of vehicles should be given a free pass?

  1. Bus
  2. Truck
  3. Ambulance

17 – Fog lamps should be used when

  1. There is mist
  2. It is evening
  3. There is traffic

18 – When is it acceptable to park your vehicle in front of a hospital?

  1. Never
  2. At night
  3. On public holidays

19 – Is vehicle registration necessary for a private vehicle?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Only if it is a SUV

20 – Zebra Crossing is meant for?

  1. Heavy vehicles
  2. Cyclists
  3. Pedestrians

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